Art can evoke powerful emotions in viewers; abstract art is no exception. It has the power to inspire viewers in ways that are difficult to explain. 

If you are an art enthusiast, chances are good that you are often left with a profound sense of emotion that can be exhilarating and transformative when you gaze upon a canvas filled with swirling colors and shapes. 

Before you add a captivating abstract artwork to your decor, delve into the fascinating realm of this form of art.

What is abstract artwork?

Abstract artwork is an art form that uses shapes, colors, lines, and other elements to create artwork outside traditional representational art. It often focuses on exploring emotions and ideas rather than trying to make a realistic representation of reality. 

While abstract artwork has existed since the beginning of art history, it has become increasingly popular in recent years. There are two main forms of abstract art: contemporary abstract art and modern abstract art.

Contemporary abstract art typically involves creating art that captures the emotion and feeling behind the work, often through vibrant colors and shapes. The artwork usually has no definitive meaning; viewers can interpret it as they see fit.

Modern abstract art tends to be more structured and often uses shapes to create a larger image. This type of art often focuses on concepts such as balance and harmony. It also usually contains elements of surrealism and fantasy, allowing the artist to explore beyond what everyone observes in everyday life.

How does it make the viewer feel?

Abstract art is a form of visual expression that does not attempt to represent reality but conveys the artist's feelings and emotions, evoking powerful emotions in the viewer through colors, lines, shapes, and textures. It can help viewers confront their innermost emotions by inspiring thoughts, feelings, and ideas unique to each individual. The artist's goal is to create a work of art that speaks to the viewer on a deeper level than just physical beauty or aesthetic pleasure.

What does an artist try to convey?

Abstract artwork often leaves viewers feeling deeply moved yet unable to articulate why. An artist seeks to tap into a viewer's emotional response, which would be difficult to achieve through realistic images. 

Abstract artists use their canvases as a form of expression, focusing on colors, textures, and shapes to convey their messages. Though artists' intent is sometimes obscure, viewers still have a meaningful experience with their work of art. 

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